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HoverCam is an excellent classroom visual presentation tool. With fast and high resolution video, HoverCam is the most affordable and versatile document camera for educators.

HoverCam Technology Enhances Education

HoverCam X300 Product Image

With prices from $199, HoverCam provides outstanding value in high resolution document cameras for schools.  When used with a projector in class to show live, large screen images of documents, worksheets or 3-D objects, the HoverCam’s 3-million or 5-million pixel camera provides clear images, even of small text.  And, each HoverCam is also a desktop scanner.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated document camera for your classroom that is always available anytime you need it? Imagine everything you could do with a HoverCam if you had your own. Aren’t there times when you would like to use your projector to show large screen images of books and worksheets where the students can actually read the small text? Are there times when you would like to make a voice/video recording of a lesson with the touch of a button? Are there times when you wish you had a device that could scan students’ homework? If you’re a science teacher, how would you like a time-lapse recording of an experiment? You can also use a HoverCam to teach reading, work collectively on assignments, show and tell, and more.

School Administrators

Stretch your technology budget with the HoverCam. It’s an understatement to say we are all concerned about budgets, especially in this economy. The HoverCam X300 is priced at only $199, which allows you to get 2 or 3 times as many cameras for the same amount of money as any other company’s high resolution camera. (And, may we suggest you try one with your next presentation?)

Tech Coordinators and IT Staff

Look closely at the specifications. A high-resolution HD compatible, native 3-megapixel or 5-megapixel camera accompanied by proprietary software that adds useful features. The HoverCam is Mac and PC compatible, in case you have both systems running at your school. The video images of the HoverCam are smooth, with the refresh rate approaching 30 frames/second when the X300 is set at 800 X 600. The HoverCam is capable of recording HD quality video, and contains a microphone for easy, one-touch recording of videos. No power cord is required (since the unit is powered by the USB cable). For installations requiring a 15ft. or 30ft. extended USB cable, we’ve engineered optional cables to meet the demanding specs of sending high resolution video over longer distances without degradation. From a technical point of view, please let us know if you find a camera in this price range with similar quality and capability. We can’t.


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